Green Tea For Weight Loss – Increase Metabolism To Lose Weight

Have you been looking for alternatives in your attempts to lose weight ? what is the best colon cleanse ? Is green tea for weight loss an option you have considered in the past ? Drinking green tea is a habit that many people try when they want to lose weight. It is reputed to improve the health and contain many other properties that may benefit a person.

Before drying, green tea leaves are not fermented like many other blends of tea. This means most of the active antioxidant, antiviral, and anticancer properties are not lost in the processing are are more concentrated than they are in other types of tea. With its rich flavor and easy preparation, green tea for weight loss offers a host of other health benefits that can’t be beat.

Studies show that among groups of people who consume one bottle of green tea daily over a period of three months, the average weight loss is higher than a control group of their peers who drank no green lumitea skinny tea. Catechins are believed to be the key ingredient that is responsible for making green tea for weight loss work effectively. The catechins raise the metabolism of the body which effectively burns more calories than otherwise would be needed. It also has an appetite suppressant quality to it.

Although many teas are made from Camellia Sinensis leaves, green tea has proved to be the most effective at fighting fat than any others. It has proved to be so effective that people have developed green tea pills that can be taken instead of drinking the tea. This is more convenient and preferable to people that don’t like the taste of green tea. These pills offer similar benefits to drinking the green tea for weight loss and are widely available in health food stores.

In a pill form, green tea for weight loss is usually taken one to two pills at a time. It is recommended to take them with food. Drinking the traditional tea versus swallowing it in pill form daily doesn’t seem to be significantly different as far as weigh loss goes. However, green tea does remain in the body longer when taken in a pill rather than drunk.

There is a third option for getting the benefits out of green tea. You can apply a green tea patch to your arm or back and get the benefits of the green tea leaf without making a brew of the beverage. The patch is used as a weight loss aid that sticks to your skin all day. It may not be as effective as drinking the tea or taking pills but it is less intrusive if you really don’t like the taste of green tea. Remember that if you have any allergies, especially adhesive allergies, to consider what is used in making the patch stick.

Combining green tea with a proper diet and exercise is a great plan to help you loss weight. Remember that prior to starting a diet or exercise program, you should get checked out by your health care provider. Make this person aware of the changes you are making to your lifestyle and check that it is ok.

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